Case Studies

Success Stories from AppDesk Services

Data Engineering Pipeline

The Challenge — Our client required a large external data source with over 20 million records to be polled every month for refreshing the data and insourcing the updated data after normalisation. The Solution — Our team built a message queue system with the pub/sub architecture. We used Kafka to poll the external data source,…

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Identity Micro-Services with Serverless backend

About The client needed a number of micro-services to be developed for functionalities such as authentication & authorisations, access control and restrictions, notifications and automations.  The Challenge — It was essential to ensure scalability and fault-tolerance of the critical product. These micro-services were to be built in such a way that the associated costs could…

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screening candidates

Collaborative Candidate Screening

While hiring for engineering roles, our recruiters were unable to efficiently ascertain candidates who were fit to join the team. This led to a large number of candidates being interviewed, wasting a lot of critical time and effort of senior engineers. To create an alternate collaborative screening process that makes existing team members stakeholders in…

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Custom Applications for Slack

About Custom applications for Slack and Confluence (an Atlassian product) were needed to be built to ensure routine tasks performed by cross-functional teams are automated. The Challenge — To automate routine tasks and save time, energy and induce greater efficiency in the functioning of the team. The Solution — Our team built custom applications using…

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