The client needed a number of micro-services to be developed for functionalities such as authentication & authorisations, access control and restrictions, notifications and automations. 

The Challenge —

It was essential to ensure scalability and fault-tolerance of the critical product. These micro-services were to be built in such a way that the associated costs could be minimised and scaled progressively as the product usage increases. 

The Solution —

Our team used the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), which uses the Lambda and API Gateway Services. This removes the need for containerized deployment and provides APIs using an event-driven approach. We implemented 3 micro-services – 1 each for user identity, notifications and automations using this architecture. We identified critical challenges in implementing this approach which included ensuring code integrity and setting up CI/CD pipelines. We navigated these challenges by setting up automated deployments using AWS CodePipeline. Finally, our team integrated these micro-services with the product to ensure a seamless user experience and high fault tolerance.

Impact —

1. We were able to implement a highly scalable architecture

2. an operational cost of only $15 for every 10 Million API requests.

Technologies used