screening candidates

While hiring for engineering roles, our recruiters were unable to efficiently ascertain candidates who were fit to join the team. This led to a large number of candidates being interviewed, wasting a lot of critical time and effort of senior engineers.

To create an alternate collaborative screening process that makes existing team members stakeholders in hiring. It should streamline the referral, sourcing, screening and hiring process and reduce attrition within the team. Further, the time spent and complexity involved in scheduling interviews should be reduced significantly

Our team created a unique product to democratize the hiring process. This product is being used primarily to gather reviews on the applicants by existing team members as well as to enable team members to transparently refer candidates for open positions. The solution is built with multiple functionalities that allow team members to add reviews in a very easy to use and intuitive manner. This includes a custom notification service with Slack integrations. The product has a range of preset permissions which determine access and viewership. It consists of automations to ensure that new employees onboarded in the company are on-boarded automatically to the product and the ones exiting are automatically offboarded.

Apart from this, the product also has an inbuilt interview scheduling and feedback collection system. We configured custom interview pipelines for different roles, set the process and evaluation criterion, and assigned the interviewers for these roles. By integrating this workflow with Zoom and Google Suite, we were able to make the interview process completely asynchronous!


Using this product, AppDesk was able to grow the team by 40% and reduce attrition to 0 over a span of three quarters. We successfully interviewed over 100 candidates across 6 roles to select those who fit best in the organization.

Technologies Used