Our Work

Some of our best work

Indeed, USA

With Indeed USA, we have done it all! We’ve built a legally compliant Payroll Processing system for the US, a custom human resource management platform and a huge data pipeline processing more than 20 Million records periodically. We innovated at each step, while also following industry standards and ensuring high quality in our deliverables.

RightCall, USA

We built a fantasy gaming platform for RightCall Entertainment, USA with a fully integrated wallet, payment processing system and integrations with third-party identity verification services. We delivered this product end-to-end for RightCall, from the stage of gathering requirements to providing post-production support

“Overall I had a great experience with AppDesk. I was looking to build an MVP / Proof of Concept for a dynamic web app that could be accessible from mobile. They served as a strategic partner and helped me design the concept, take it from idea through feature definition, wireframing, UX/UI Design, user flow mapping, software development, testing, production launch, bug fixes, and post go-live support. They were extremely flexible and helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure that I was getting the product that I wanted, even if it meant working late, or adding on necessary things that were outside of the originally discussed scope. As a cheaper option in the market, I got great bang for my buck – they got the job done without it costing me a ton of money. For a quick and cheap MVP they did an excellent job.”
– Ross Kleinrock, Founder & CEO, RightCall


Elucidata Corporation provides ML ready data sets for bioinformatic data. We helped them migrate their WordPress website to WebFlow, while minimizing breakages and downtime. We also built a custom automation at a lightning-fast speed, that helped them migrate blogs overnight from Confluence to WebFlow. This application was also featured in the Project Gallery of CodeGeist 2022, Atlassian’s annual Hackathon, reaching the top 140 submissions out of more than 3600 submissions from across the globe

“AppDesk helped us with our website built on Webflow. We were new to the platform, and needed urgent help with its management. There were a few non-standard customizations with which AppDesk helped us. Engineers at AppDesk are competent, and can figure out stuff on their own. Everyone is prompt, and we didn’t have to keep following up on action items.”

– Ashwin Ramesh, Digital Marketing Manager, Elucidata


Dexter is a Genius! It is a single-stop hiring automation tool for early-stage and mid-stage startups. Dexter does not like dependencies, and it thus works on making the hiring process asynchronous from start to finish. Dexter also likes to share knowledge, so it completely integrates the applicants into the hiring process, and ensures that they’re well aware of exactly what’s going on with their job application at any point of time. We’ve tested this product internally with some outstanding results. We’re planning a beta launch in the first half of 2023



OpenForWork is a product currently under development, where we are building a personal portfolio aggregator for freelancers. It helps freelancers with varied skills such as design, development, marketing and content creation to collate all of their work on one platform in a well-structured way, allowing them to create a sharable public portfolio. At this stage, we are building a recommendation engine to help users with suggestions on how to improve their portfolio. We plan to launch this app in the second half of 2023


Sabu is a product currently under development, where we are building a fitness app to help independent trainers and trainees collaborate directly with each other in a 1-to-1 engagement. The app allows trainers to create custom training schedules, diet plans and track progress of their trainees using a single screen. It also allows trainees to directly message the trainers and discuss their progress. We plan to launch this app in the first half of 2023


Menteace is a platform to discuss and share mental health issues, and talk to people anonymously. It aims to help those who are looking to share their thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged and discriminated against. At this stage, we are conducting a feasibility study on the security, privacy and legality of building and maintaining such a platform