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Handling Time Zones in Production

If you’re wondering how or on what basis were time zones curated, this solely depends on the information derived from the Earth’s rotation on its axis. Every sixty minutes, the Earth turns on its axis by around fifteen degrees and completes a 360-degree spin after twenty-four hours. Taking this into consideration, these insights were used…

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Executing An Apollo Android KT With GraphQL

Apollo Kotlin, a popular GraphQL client, is commonly used by developers worldwide to generate Java and Kotlin models. This platform acts as a library that enables users to utilise the GraphQL backend through reverting query-specific results by carrying out queries against GraphQL servers. Formerly referred to as Apollo Android, Kotlin is used to generate these…

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Dependency Injection in Android

Dependency Injection, a common programming technique, is mainly utilized in Android development to form a good application architecture. With dependency injection, developers can easily reuse code and conveniently refactor and test queries. The best part about dependency injection is that it’s not needed for developing every Android application and can be used per your requirement.…

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A Guide To AndroidX Part II: The Components

Start off the new year with a skill that continues to be relevant and is growing in demand exponentially. You can easily learn Android Development with the numerous resources available online which have been mentioned and linked on this blogpost (Part 2/3) to help you navigate the first phase of learning. In this phase you’ll…

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A Guide to AndroidX: Part III

As you mark the beginning of your android development journey, it is important to familiarise yourself with the best practices. Android developers are fuelled by the ambition to create user-friendly platforms for people around the world that solve mundane problems. To make your mark in the development world, you must stick to the best practices…

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How Managed IT Services Can Help Improve Your Business

How Managed IT Services Can Help Improve Your Business In today’s increasingly digital world, information technology plays a crucial role in influencing the operations and success of a business organisation. A large number of companies have been utilising IT services in order to ensure their long term success and promote productivity. Internal resources are sometimes…

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