Top 7 IoT App Development Companies

While looking into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) app development, it’s essential to choose an agency that not only knows the complex technology but also complies with your company’s goals.
Very Technology is the best competitor when it comes to providing end-to-end IoT solutions. Prominent for its capacity to generate substantial commercial value using inventive IoT tactics, Very Technology guarantees that projects advance quickly from proof of concept to manufacturing.
A strong portfolio of accomplished projects in a variety of industries attests to their experience and highlights their significance in using IoT to improve enterprises.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things.” It’s a concept where everyday objects are connected to the internet so they can send and receive data. This connection helps these objects work smarter. For example, a smart thermostat learns your schedule and adjusts the temperature based on when you’re home or away.

so Another daily life example is a fitness tracker on your wrist that sends your exercise data to an app on your phone. So, IoT is about making regular objects more useful by connecting them to the internet.

Top IoT App Development Companies

1. Appdeskservices

IoT App Development Companies

A company called AppDesk Services specialises in cloud engineering services and software. They concentrate on creating superior, specialised software solutions that are matched to the unique requirements of their customers. They use a client-centric and highly customised approach, making sure that every solution they put into place successfully handles the particular difficulties and intricacies of the client’s industry.

Features of AppDesk Services

  • Custom Software Development: Provides tailored applications designed to automate and enhance business operations, including custom integrations for platforms like Slack and Confluence.
  • Collaborative Candidate Screening: Offers solutions to optimize the recruitment process, specifically for engineering roles, to ensure a better fit and reduce time and effort.
  • Data Engineering Pipeline: Develops systems to handle large data sources, ensuring efficient data polling, normalization, and integration.

Pros of AppDesk Services

  • Personalized Approach: Avoids a one-size-fits-all strategy, opting instead for customized solutions that take into account the specific needs and complexities of each client.
  • Expertise in Software and Cloud Solutions: Boasts a team of experienced engineers adept at developing and implementing effective software and cloud solutions.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Focuses on creating solutions that cater specifically to the needs of the end-users, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Cons of AppDesk Services

  • Resource Intensity: The high level of customization and expertise required for each project might demand significant resources and time investment from clients.
  • Potential High Cost: While not specified, the personalized and expert services offered may come at a premium price compared to off-the-shelf solutions.


AppDesk Services does not provide specific pricing details on its website. As with many custom service providers, pricing is likely based on the scope and complexity of the project, requiring potential clients to contact them directly for a personalized quote.

2. Waverley Software

Waverley Software is a software development company with a global reach, providing engineering services across North America, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The company focuses on building software solutions that cater to various domains such as robotics, finance, IoT, healthcare, smart homes, and eLearning​ (Waverley)​.


  • Global Talent Pool: Waverley taps into a wide array of international tech talent to provide comprehensive development services.
  • Custom Solutions: They specialize in creating tailored solutions that address specific client needs, including advanced areas like Blockchain and Data Science.
  • Multifaceted Domain Expertise: Their services extend across diverse fields, providing everything from mobile applications to complex enterprise solutions​ (Waverley)​.


  • Access to International Markets: Due to its presence in multiple continents, Waverley can leverage global insights and practices.
  • Expertise in Multiple Technologies: They offer a broad range of technical capabilities including mobile development, data solutions, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Strong Industry Adoption: Their technologies like Flutter are widely adopted by major companies, offering robust, cross-platform development capabilities that save time and reduce costs​ (Waverley)​.


  • Potential Language and Cultural Barriers: While they operate globally, managing projects across different cultures and languages can present challenges.
  • Complexity in Project Management: Coordinating across time zones and international offices may complicate project timelines and execution​ (Waverley)​.


Waverley does not publicly show pricing details. The cost of their services is likely to vary based on the project’s complexity, technology, and level of customisation required. Businesses interested in their services should contact them directly for a price.

3. Cumulations Technologies

Cumulations Technologies is an online transformation service provider that combines design, strategy, and engineering to help firms adapt to technological change. They specialise in offering scalable and innovative solutions to a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, and finance, while also improving their digital skills.


  • Expertise in IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data.
  • Development of mobile apps across platforms like Android and iOS.
  • Provides cloud solutions, business intelligence, and data analytics services.


  • Specializes in a wide range of technologies.
  • Tailored solutions for different industries.
  • Strong focus on digital transformation.


  • Specific details about their project management processes or client engagement strategies are less highlighted.


Cumulations Technologies does not list specific pricing details on its website. Pricing likely depends on the project’s scope and technology requirements, and potential clients are encouraged to contact them directly for quotes.

4. HqSoftware Lab

HQSoftware is a software development business that specialises in offering complete technology solutions for a variety of sectors. They specialise in value-driven digital transformation and provide services like e-learning, AI/ML, AR/VR, inventory management, and more. They are dedicated to creating smart business solutions, from initial concepts and strategy to design and enhancement.


  • Custom Software Development: They handle everything from prototyping to full-cycle app development.
  • E-commerce and Healthcare Solutions: Develops web and mobile applications, including online shopping/payment solutions and healthcare IoT.
  • AR and VR Solutions: Creates augmented and virtual reality applications for education, manufacturing, and marketing.
  • AI/ML Development: Specializes in data engineering and machine learning modules.
  • DevOps Services: Includes CI/CD implementation and Infrastructure as Code (IaaC).
  • Dedicated Teams: Offers dedicated development teams for project-specific needs.


  • Wide Range of Services: Offers extensive services across different technologies and industries.
  • Expertise in Advanced Technologies: Proficient in AI, ML, AR, VR, and IoT solutions.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Focuses on understanding and meeting the specific needs of clients.


  • Resource Availability: As with many tech firms, scaling up for larger projects may require time to align resources.
  • Complex Projects: Some projects may face challenges due to their complexity and the innovative technologies involved.


HQSoftware operates on a quote-based system, where pricing is tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Prospective clients need to contact them directly to discuss their needs and receive a detailed project estimate.

5. RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps Technologies is a digital transformation and app development company with mobile and web app development expertise. They offer services in Android, iOS, and hybrid app development, along with UI/UX design, web development, and quality assurance. Their approach includes a client-centric focus, ensuring projects align with business requirements and customer preferences.


  • Wide range of services including IoT and wearable development.
  • Extensive experience with 700+ apps built.
  • Recognized globally with various awards.


  • Specific cons aren’t detailed publicly, typical considerations include project complexity and adaptation to new technologies.


Pricing details are not directly listed; they offer customized quotes based on project specifications.

6. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is a well-regarded digital innovation and software development company, known for delivering top-notch solutions across various sectors. Their services span mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms, web development, and more specialized areas like AR & VR development, blockchain, and cloud computing.


  • Web Development: Expertise in PHP, .NET, Java, and Joomla.
  • Mobile and Wearables: Development for iOS, Android, hybrid platforms, and wearables.
  • E-commerce Development: Specializing in Magento and WordPress platforms.
  • Cloud Computing: Services include architecture, building, and managing cloud solutions.
  • IoT Development: Offers consultation, development, implementation, and evaluation of IoT projects.
  • Offshore Staffing: Provides resources like iOS, Android, PHP, and Magento developers.


  • Offers a wide range of development services including cross-platform app development.
  • Recognized for quality service and customer support.


  • More resources may be needed in their testing department to expedite debugging processes.

Pricing: Konstant Infosolutions does not publicly list specific pricing details on their website. They likely offer customized pricing based on the project’s requirements and scale.

7. Very Technology

Very Technology is a company specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, providing end-to-end services from product and interface design to full IoT software and hardware integration. They focus on delivering powerful IoT solutions that drive undeniable business value, helping businesses move from proof of concept to production swiftly and efficiently.

Features of Very Technology

  • IoT Product and Interface Design: Ensures a seamless user experience with holistic, human-centered design approaches.
  • Data Solutions and Machine Learning: Implements full data pipelines for actionable insights and uses advanced machine learning techniques.
  • IoT Hardware and Firmware: Offers rapid custom hardware prototyping and electrical engineering.
  • IoT Software and Digital Infrastructure: Develops flexible software for platforms, connected systems, web, and applications.
  • Comprehensive IoT Solutions: Integrates hardware, software, data, and design to create cohesive and efficient IoT systems.

Pros of Very Technology

  • Speed to Market: Accelerates the journey from concept to production with integrated teams and efficient processes.
  • Expertise and Innovation: Experienced in leveraging the latest technologies for innovative IoT solutions.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Focuses on delivering solutions that meet specific client needs and business models.

Cons of Very Technology

  • Complexity of Projects: The advanced nature of IoT projects may require significant client involvement and understanding.
  • Resource Intensiveness: High-end IoT solutions can be resource-intensive in terms of time and investment.


Very Technology does not list specific pricing details on its website. Their pricing is likely based on the scope and complexity of the project, requiring potential clients to contact them directly for quotes.

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